Top Telescopes, Cameras and Technology Sites

Equipment like telescopes and cameras has been instrumental in observing and analyzing astronomical phenomena.

Now, more than ever, scientists are relying on more advanced instruments to learn more about the universe.

Here is a selection of some recommended sites.

Chandra @ - Chandra X-ray Observatory: Facts and the latest news and images from Chandra. The website includes interesting sections such as the Chandra Tracker, podcasts, Chandra hardware facts, a blog, and information about the people and science behind discoveries using Chandra. - Hubble Site: Official site of the Hubble telescope. Includes the latest news on the Hubble telescope and discoveries made using it, a gallery of images, information about the telescope, an archive discoveries and news, and sections for educators and kids.

Please feel free to share your favorite Telescopes, Cameras and Technology websites (with a short description).

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